Welcome to the future of 4WD

Life is full of interesting turns & surprises. And with Musso, you'll have the power to go wherever

it may take you.

Over Hill.

Performance for Wherever Life Takes You.

Over Dale.

Those who demand top performance will want either the 220 ps 3.2 litre inline six or four DOHC petrol engine with torque outputs of 30 & 20 kgm.

Each of the five Musso power plants is licensed and built to Mercedes-Benz ́legendary reliability and performance standards. The performance -oriented DOHC petrol lineup includes 2.3-litre inline four as well as a 3.2-litre inline six that deliver 140 and 220 PS. The fuel-efficient SOHC diesel lineup includes a 2.3-litre and 2.9-litre turbocharged and intercooled inline four and five that output 101 and 120 PS. Getting that power smoothly to all four wheels is the standard 5-speed manual transmission or electronically - controlled 4-speed automatic , each optimized for superb on-and-off-road performance.

The 2004 Musso . performance for wherever life takes you.

The 2004 Musso . performance for wherever life takes you.

 Appealing to the more economy-minded, the 120 ps 209 litre inline five & 101 ps 2.3 litre inline four intercooled turbo diesels deliver superb pulling power with 24.5 & 21 kgm of torque ,  respectively.                

with exceptional low-end torque that peaks below 2,400 rpm, the 2.3 and 2.9-litre intercooled turbo diesel engines offer superior bauling  performance and fuel economy.