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  MORATTAB Ind .Mfg .Co, solely operated its "After sales services"  until 1997.(( MORATTAB KHODRO CO. ))  was established in 1997 in order to  improved customer satisfaction by offering ultimate services, guarantee agreements & supplying spare parts for vehicles produced by MORATTAB

Owning to the fact that ample time was required for  planning , organizing , equipping the system, (( MORATTAB KHODRO CO.)) commenced  On 20-02-1998 the measures taken for equipping as well as improving quality , resulted in an increase of 80% in the number of the authorized dealers , and massive effort was put into the work for improving AFTER SALES SERVICES and customer satisfaction .

" Morattab KHodro Co." was felt to be more responsible in 2003 at the time of establishing the production line of <<MUSSO>> , a modern vehicle equipped with the most sophisticated system that holds international auto standards. The company is more prepared to serve its customers by making revision over the previous organization , equipping ,and developing the<< Central Service Station>> as well as cooperation with << Emdad KHodro Iran Co. >>

" PAZHAN-V6 " design and manufacturing project aimed at preserving and mending Pazhan potentials came to bear fruits also in 2004.

Upon introduction , " PAZHAN-V6 " embraced immediate coverage of<<  Morattab KHodro >>  services to provide the users nationwide with guarantee services and spare parts supply through authorized dealers .

Presently, we are equipping ourselves to offer after Sales Services to the owners of the modern and sophisticated  "REXTON " vehicle in 2006.

We believe customer constructive criticism can highly help us to improved our system and service . to this aim , we are open to receive our customer's comments on the << Survey Center >> at any time in order to deliberate our customer satisfaction and offer better services.


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