Worthy of attention who use Musso vehicle:


  - Battery can discharge. Do not leave key at " ACC " position for periods.  
  -On vehicles equipped with an automatic transmission, fuel is automatically cut off when he engine is " racing " ( running at high speed ) with selector lever position " P " or " N ".  
  - Shifting to reverse gear while vehicle is moving forward could damage the transmission. Stop your vehicle completely before shifting into reserve.  
  -Do not leave the key with the vehicle.
  • Lock the vehicle.
  • Take the key with you.
   -In case of part-time 4WD, do not use 4WD for normal driving on dry pavement. it will cause unnecessary noise, wear and fuel economy.  
-Breaks can have temporary loss of performance due to overheating.
  • On descents shift to a low gear.
  • Do not continually apply brakes.
- brakes system & ABS warning light illuminating at the same time indicates a failure in the base brake system due to malfunction of ABS.
  • Stop the vehicle & consult your morattabkhodro dealer.
  • Have the system checked & repaired before continuing your journey.
- Never get under car or start or run the engine while car is supported by the jack. Vehicle may slip off the jack resulting in serious injury or death.
- Batteries can explode. You could be burned by battery acid. Electrical short could injure you or damage the vehicles.
  • Never let passenger ride in a vehicle that is being towed.
  • Never tow a vehicle faster than safe or posted speeds.
  • Never tow a vehicle with damaged parts that are not fully secured on the vehicle.
  • When towing the vehicle with a tow rope, the vehicle can be damaged.
- Never remove the coolant surge tank cap when the engine & radiator are hot. Scalding hot coolant & steam could be blown out under pressure, which could cause serious injury.

با نهايت تشکر

شرکت مرتب خودرو

- Use of non-recommended brake fluid could cause damage to the brake system. Use only morattabkhodro recommended brake fluid.
- Engine can be damaged. Do not operate the vehicle with out air cleaner element.


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